Baldan Bereeven Monastery

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This Monastery is unique and significant as the place where Tibetan Buddhism introduced and spread among nomadic Mongols in remote places. Comparatively to other similar Buddhist monasteries in the Mongolia, the Baldan Bereeven Monastery is also unique in offering very specific architectural features and remains to attest to the planning features of fusion of Mongolian national architecture and Tibetan style architecture and monastic structures. Other survived Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia were built on the basis of Mongolian national style and Chinese style of Buddhist architectural traditions.

It is noticeable that, in comparison with others Buddhist the Baldan Bereeven Monastery and its surrounding sacred landscape is clear evidence to the 1930s deliberate communist victimization of national tradition, culture, and worshipping practices of sacred sites and ideological Stalinist destruction of religious buildings and monasteries which were a great tragedy for the Mongols Baldan Bereeven Monastery is also the only Buddhist monastery in the Mongolia the architectural structures of which based on Tibetan style of monastic architecture and monastery to have survived partially that destruction wrought by religious persecutions.