Khalkhin Gol

Khalkhin GolMongol Tours

The banks of the Khalkhin Gol, in the far eastern part of Dornod, are of particular interest to war historians because of the battles against the Japanese in 1939. The dry, unpolluted air ensures that most of the relics, which are just lying around, have been well preserved.

Numerous war memorials line the banks of the river. The memorials are real socialist masterpieces, built to honour the Russian and Mongolian soldiers who died here. The largest memorial is the 50m KhamarDavaa. A museum in Siimber (also known as Tsagaannuur), and a smaller one in Choibalsan, offer some explanations (in Mongolian) about the history of the battles.

Another interesting site in the region is Ikh Burkhant, where there is a huge image of Janraisig (Sanskrit: Avalokitesvara) carved into the hillside. The carving was commissioned in 1864 by local regent Bat OchiriinTogtokhtooriin, or Tovan (van means ‘lord’) and was reconstructed between 1995 and 1997.

Historical monuments Following are the historical and cultural monuments which are located in the north of Kherlen River valley in Tsagaan-OvooSoum, there are ruins of Kherlen Bar of Qidan period (11th century)

Choibalsan’s Mongolian Heroes’ Memorial. It is a large arch with a soldier on horseback charging towards the enemy.