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All visitors to Mongolia require a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. Mongolia grants visa-free access to citizens of 22 countries and territories.  For rest of the citizens in the world, a valid passport and visa are required to enter Mongolia.

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Please use the following guidelines when applying for a visa at the Embassy of Mongolia.

All visas, excluding multiple entry visas, have a validity period of 3 months only. When applying for any type of VISA, it is required to submit the following documentation:

  1. Passport with a validity date of at least six months beyond the end of the applicant’s intended period of stay in Mongolia, and with at least 3 empty visa pages
  2. One photo /standard passport size/
  3. Visa Application Form /duly filled in/
  4. Round-trip flight itinerary /arrival and departure/
  5. Invitation letter or proof of local travel arrangements
  6. One copy of IC ( front and back) – applicable for Singaporean citizens / PR / Long term pass holders
  7. Visa fee depends on type of visa you have required

Visitors from any country planning to stay in Mongolia for more than 30 days must register with the Mongolia Immigration Agency in Ulaanbaatar within the first seven days of arrival. Visitors who fail to register and who stay longer than 30 days, even for reasons beyond their control, will be stopped at departure, temporarily denied exit, and fined. Individual tourists wishing to visit Mongolia needed a letter of invitation from either a Mongolian citizen or Tour Operator / Travel Agency before being granted a visa.


If there is no Mongolia embassy in your country, Holders of a confirmation of a pre-arranged one month and a single entry visa on arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Aiport or Railway Station. A Traveler’s passport must be valid for at least one year on arrival, arriving from a country without diplomatic representation of Mongolia and that sponsor in Mongolia submits request to the Mongolian Immigration Authority. The fee is ₮108,000 (Approx: USD45). Mongol Tours will be able to provide you an official confirmation letter (by email or post) for your visa application once you book a travel service with us.

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